The New Piercing ( the Tongue)

Well after a few years of looking and admiring many tongue piercings I finality got my tongue pierced.

Day 1 all OK  not a lot of pain but lot of mouth wash and a bit of home made sea water (one quarter teaspoon to 6 oz of water)

Day 2 wow did the tongue swell up  can barely talk hard food out of the question (NO potato chips etc etc) more mouth water (dumb me) same amount salt water.

Day 3 tongue still swelled ouch pain increasing  mouthwash and saltwater still the same

Day 4 same as day 4

Day 5 the pain has increased 2 fold but no sign of infection all is kinda sorta good (damn my tongue hurt)

Day 6 Gawds it really hurts I may have to give it up damn it hurts bad.

Day 7 Saltwater really really helps pain lessens greatly still using mouth wash 3 times a day

Day 8  Saltwater is magic pain is almost gone swelling is going down quickly

Day 9  Tongue is almost normal size pain is almost gone except occasional wrong chewing

Day 10  All is so good but I still bite the barbel piercing on odd occasion (too many times)

Day 11 All is so good I'm ready for a smaller barbel

Day 12 even batter

Day 13 even better  using less salt water and mouth wash only twice a day

Day 14  a smaller barbel at last I can talk freely again and eat.  I still used mouth wash 2  a day

  My advice I would've suffer a lot less if I used more salt water right and healed a little fast, mouth wash like Listerine 3 times a day will kill the germs that might cause an infect but it won't help with hours of pain at all , Saltwater definitely helps with the pain.

I like my tongue piercing and hope my woman will enjoy it as well.

and I always interested in new piercings

hope this helps some one


jadecrow jadecrow
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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009


Well I think your problem was the listerine and not the salt water. After I had my tongue pierced the piercer told me NOT to use any mouth wash with alcohol in it until it is healed because the alcohol will dry it out and keep it from healing. I was told this by another piercer as well. They also said to take ibprofen to keep the swelling down and if possible to suck on ice.

pierced my tounge 3 times now and never had any swelling or pain, even pierced it myself last time. glad to hear that it turned out all right tho