I'll Never Tell...him

I have been friends with my bff (male) for 6 years...and as about a month ago...I get butterflies when I talk to him, see him, think about him...anything associated with him. It's weird because we have always said that we would never hook up because it would be too awkward...but now I'm thinking "maybe it wont be so awkward"...? I will never tel him tho because it will change everything and not in a good way..we know each other like no one else and if I tell him it will be a burden off my chest and a big one on his...so the solution............keep my mouth shut! ....unless you lovely people have any suggestions lol =) 

grrrliemeeh87 grrrliemeeh87
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1 Response Jan 21, 2010

I would but my case is much different...this isn't jsut a guy I know...he is the one I tell all my secrets and all my everything. Telling him would change the dynamics of our almost perfect friendship and I am not willing to lose my best friend because my heart is going through a phase. "this too shall pass"...I think part of it has to do with the fact that I am tired of being single. I had a horrible break up 3 years ago and have been on a rampage since then and now that I am starting to settle down..I have that need for a relationship and since he is the one person I am closest to (and male) it just seems like a good fit...but in reality it's a huge mistake! I cant date my BFF...he means more than a possible one night stand(which would change EVERYTHING). thanks for the advice!!