My Cousin Is So Selfish

Iam increasing becoming so fed up with my cousin.  She is most selfish person that i know.  When we were younger we did we did alot of things together it was as if she my sister and because we were and are the same age we had alot of things in common.  But i notice when we both turned 13 she started to become really selfish and everything had to be her way and thats when we started to have arguments, which would always be caused by her.  So i decided not to hang around with her when i was 17 because i started to feel like i hated her and i know hates a strong word but that how i felt at the time.  But i  got over feeling that way but lately she's really getting on my nerves because of her selfish ways. Im goin to celebrating my bday and she basically making up lame excuses not to come, which makes me mad because i went to hers  where she to a club and i did not even hav that much money at the time and i have a social anxiety disorder which can be difficult to deal with in those situation s but i still went and she can't even make the effort to come to minds. And another time we had made plans to go somewhere and on the very same day we had meant to go out she told me she spending that night with her boyfriend instead how selfish is that. she always seems to leting me down  and i feel although that maybe i should not talk to her but maybe that alittle bit to drastic but i just dunno what to do? because i already feel although that i can't talk her about her attitude because i know she won't listen and she would become defensive and we would probably end up arguing.
fruity200 fruity200
22-25, F
Aug 16, 2007