I am a stay at home of two small kids aged three and five. My husband was not very understanding about daughters illness so i had to quit work and it is very difficult for me to find work again in the usa. My family and friends are back home in India. I think my husband is having an affair with a colleague . I want him to confess so i can go back home to India and find a job for me and stay with my parents and enroll my kids in school there. He first asked for an open marriage, he currently denies he asked for it does a variety of gaslighting techniques .I told him i just want minimal child support and none of our joint assets. Why is he denying the affair?He has been very happy lately dressing up losing weight and feeling on top of the world . I just want to carve a little niche for me and my children and am ready to let go.However it looks like he wants an open marriage wants to come home to see his kids and me and me as a conveneint housekeeper and nanny.I desperately need hom to e honest and nice to me so we can part ways as friends . I suffer from chronic medical issues and the stress is making me sick

sportynerd sportynerd
36-40, F
May 20, 2012