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He can be down rite nasty too at times. We have 2 adult girls and 1 teenage boy. He expresses his love and affection for our 2nd born but not our first born cos hes always been jealous of her since the day she was born (its a long story) and as for our son hes still undecided cos he reckons hes a mummys boy. This hurts all our children quite deeply but they sometimes don't show it, depends what the situation is or what mood they are in. But one thing for sure they label their dad as a F*** LOSER and I applaud them for that. I spoil all my kids, always have. I even took the bash for them several times over the past years, each time my kids expressed themselves. I encourage my kids to be who they are and to be proud and strong, and NEVER EVER hook up with a loser like their stupid mother did. My kids HATE their dad with a passion, they just put up with him cos of me? or maybe just waiting for the right moment to pounce on him and tell him exactly what they think of their so called FATHER or should I say LOSER. My eldest girl wishes her dad would just disappear & crawl into a big hole and rot cos of his selfishness towards her. The other 2 agree with her, and so do I. Take it from an abused housewife I know. Should change the title aye? "I hate my selfish husband"

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Its pretty dumb that you allow your children to call your "husband" and Their "father" a F*** LOSER ...I hope your husband leave you for another woman and lives a happy life with her. If I was your husband, I wouldn't want to provide for a bunch of spoiled selfish children also. You should just be grateful he has a job, provides for you and your family while you stay home and play with the children. You are the selfish wife...I feel so sorry for your miserable husband. He deserves respect...and what kind of a mother are you...letting your children disrespect your husband like that. You are suppose to be partners...You're so stupid if you talk crap about your husband with your kids...

A very good question! I'm not trying to make excuses for myself but I have been in this relationship for almost 30 years, at first it was for the kids sake, they needed a father, then it was I will wait til they get older and I will be able to look after them properly, but then another child came along and then another, and then the same excuse kept coming to my mind. Now that they are adults, I've run out of excuses I spose. I need that push to get out of this relationship! I'm 46yrs old, pathetic, useless and scared shitless with no genuine friends to talk to in confidentiality withouth being judged. I haven't been shown or told how to get out of a relationship like this safely. I appreciate your comments very much.

If hes that bad why dont you leave?