Having a Sense of Humor

I sometimes wonder how much it would help if people made more of an effort to get to know each other and laugh, how much more could be accomplished.

I see the divide in our political representatives and I feel like telling them, chill out. Start the meetings with jokes, I am told that an old comedian, Chevy Chase used to always fall down in the middle of important stuff.

I am not just referring to politics, I believe that people do not want to let their guard down and are always ready for a fight or a debate.  One builds a wall that way and it keeps things from being accomplished.

Do you ever meet a person that just makes you laugh out of the blue...I bet if the conversation got serious that we would be more open with that person, having seen the light side.

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Why thank you so much...love the Penquin!

this is such a great post. the sentiment is so right. it looks so easy, but it's so hard to achieve

Thank you bubbadave for the nice comments : -)

Young lady,<br />
YOU GO GIRL!!<br />
I have children older than you; and they show less maturity, insightfulness, and wisdom of someone of your years.<br />
Respectfully,<br />

Greg, you already made things so much better with your post.

You express an excellent idea. Anonymity is much of the reason why some people can be so rude to others via the internet. Not knowing your neighbors is another example. How many of us "know" their neighbors simply by recognizing them and waving as we pass by...but we really don't "know" anything about them at all...perhaps not even their name, other than, "the guy who lives in the tan house three houses over." <br />
<br />
I make it a point to laugh when possible, poke fun where appropriate (and sometimes when some consider it "inappropriate"--lighten up, people), sometimes at myself because if you cannot laugh at yourself, then your sense of humor needs adjusting. There's something funny about virtually everyone and if you think you're not funny...well, then your ignorance makes you even funnier still.<br />
<br />
You go right on getting to know people and making jokes...it's a great way to be. Good luck.

Torontogirl.......that is so true.....I cured an entire county of sick people just by trying to dance like a chippendale dancer.......between guffaws they all yelled," hey if you dropped 20 pounds you would look just like chris farley!"........hahahahaha.

Thank you guys for your input...much appreciated!

yeah.. i agree with you Gina.. this is good story and i support that. Hugs*

now you know why your are my champion.

True....so true......I am always a little disapointed when we choose to apply lables to people and/or want to mold them into someone that fits our mental picture or life...rather than finding the common ground and appreciating that.........sometimes we tend allow ourselves to be affected by what someone else says or does, even though in reality it has no affect on our life. I think laughter is the cure for many an ailment......<br />
I hope you post more stories.........