Make Yourself Laugh, and Most Times, Others Will Join

I recently had a large molar removed and the pain was horrific.  I screamed in the chair for twenty minutes for what was described as a "difficult extraction".  The oral surgeon was tall, unemotional and seemed to be burnt out at his occupation.  Afterwards, I was offered a sheet that needed some general info and a portion labeled "comments and suggestions".  I couldn't speak, so I scribbled something for the receptionist.  I wrote the following, "your boss has serious human compassion issues, is he even aware of the Geneva Convention? THE PAIN, MY GOD, THE PAIN."   It made me smile to write it(which hurt like hell)and she seemed to laugh like she needed it(can't imagine why).  I hope she didn't notice I was bleeding on her nice counter.

MaddawgTrillionaire MaddawgTrillionaire
36-40, M
Mar 8, 2009