A Little Postage Humor

My daughter B wanted to mail a letter to her husband in Afghanistan. I told her where the stamps where, as she looked through she pulled out a sheet of stamps that had pictures of "Kansas" on them. (We live in Kansas)

B asked "What are these?" I responded with "Kansas Stamps" B "Oh, so I can't use these? Where are the kind with the bell on them they work right?" and I went out on the front porch so she wouldn't see me snickering at her.

Her father then informed her the Kansas stamps work just like any other US postal stamps....

Lesson 1 of this story ~ B is college educated smart only she is now 7 months pregnant. Thus proving the old adage "having children makes you stupid" clearly that sets in while your still expecting said child.

Lesson 2 of this story ~ Pregnant women are much harder to out run than you might think...be real careful ticking them off.
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5 Responses Sep 26, 2012

Haha love it! That's so funny that is something I would say! So I can't use this dang it!! Haha


Love it!! Hahaha

HAHAHAHA! good one.

The incident is charming 'slice of life'. Your after thoughts are comic genius.

Aw! Thanks!