Love Letter, Hope This Will Make You Smile!

Here's one for the story books!! My seven yr. old son is the calmist out of my four. He never acts out without thinking and he is seldom in trouble. He is the snuggily one. He often leaves me little love notes where I can find them. I always make a big deal of them and put them on the dash of my van or up on the fridge. One day I was out front talking to my husband. I leaned on the front of my van and noticed a scratch. As I traced over it with my finger i realized it spread across the WHOLE front of the hood, spelling the words, 'I love you'.  I immediately looked up at all of my kids and said in shock,"Who did this?!!!" My seven yr. old ran up to me soooooooooooooo proud and looked up with his big brown eyes, "It was me mommy!! I know how much you love my messages so I thought you could carry this one around with you everywhere you go!" ok... how do i spank a child who didn't deliberately disobey anything?  We had a chat about how that is NOT ok and left it at that... I am still driving around with it and have yet to take it to get buffed out and repainted!! HHhAA, not by choice. But I have to admit it makes for great conversation!!
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Yeah, they are great...I think I still might have gotten my *** spanked, though...

classic! - aren't kids great!