The Ultimate Survival Gear: Laughter!

The only thing that keeps me stable in a major crisis, such as I'm going through now, or deep depression and/or stress--such as I'm going through now, is finding things to laugh about. And trust me, right now, it's been somewhat of a challenge.

I start by finding funny things to watch or read, mostly on the internet, as I can't afford television--haven't had much in the way of TV viewing in over 2 years.

For instance, the one thing that's got me though the waiting this weekend (Monday I find out how bad my weekly/monthly income's going to drop, and whether or not I'll be able to stay where I am, or wind up in a welfare motel or homeless shelter--after having to put the last of my beloved pets to sleep, that is--so no, not looking forward to facing the horrors of Monday alone.)

So, this weekend, mainly Saturday night and early Sunday afternoon--I dove into humour like my life depended on it--which in a way, it did.

A huge help, was getting to see the incomparable David Tennant, and the lovely Catherine Tate in their Comic Relief skit.

Here's the web link address:

I've watched it repeatedly--simply because it makes me laugh so hard. I wish those two would do more stuff together--they really have a good chemistry in front of the camera--at least, I think so.

I spent part of the day, coming up with photos to write humorous captions for, for a Doctor Who website.

Then, I wrote short series of "found" poems--inspired by this very site.

I tried to write some lines into a comic play I've been playing around with for some months now, but...just not ready for any heavy duty writing sessions, right now. It may be weeks or months--or even a year or more, until I get back into writing again--if ever. And I'm not sure if I'll be able to write anything remotely humorous, anymore. I just don't know if I can.

Anything, to take my mind off the horrible reality I must face tomorrow. I don't have anyone to advocate for me--and in America, being mentally ill is completely taboo--at least where I live. You DON'T tell people you are mentally ill--EVER. At least, not unless you want people to treat you like you're an ax murderer or totally stupid--or lazy, or an abnormal freak of nature (well, that last one may be true, ha-ha.)

I need humor in my life, to survive. I need it. I can't live without it. That's why I love the cats so much (well that, and the fact that they love me back--unconditionally)---they often make my laugh and smile with their antics. I'd be lost without them, as well.

I can't imagine living my life without laughter.
whovian whovian
46-50, F
Mar 18, 2007