Look! a Telephone Pole!

It's hard in my present condition, to laugh---but I'm still in the game, swingin' the bat--don't think I'm hitting anything, though. But, if you've ever seen me play softball or baseball, well...not much has changed then.

I take my "fun" where I can. Hell, I'd probably laugh at a communications pole, given the right mood. "Look, a telephone pole! Ha-ha-ha-ha!

I totally hate my job--I loathe selling---and especially, selling for the company who employs my employer--this company that I have to sell for, is basically a bady run boiler room operation, disguised as a legit business, run by a bunch of grasping, money-hungry neo-conservatives from the upper midwest, and owned by some huge European trust. These people take advantage of seniors, the disabled, and stupid rednecks all over North America. Many of the Canadians seem to eventually catch on--but the Americans are really dumber than the dirt they stand on--I mean, some of these people are 5 different kinds of stupid!

The company gives them a couple of hundred dollars of "free gifts," for buying something that in reality costs much more than the gifts---and some of these people think they don't have to pay for it--or that they are getting 200 or 300 dollars with of stuff, for less then 25 dollars---how stupid are you? You really think a big company's just going to give you stuff, because they like you?  Good gosh almighty--no wonder these internet scam artists are so abundant---people in America are totally off their nuts.

It's like some of them are thinking through a straw, for pity's sake!

Well, my job's not much fun. The company I'm supposed to be doing "warm" calls for (warm means I'm selling to people who are current customers)..is full of shite. More than half my calls yesterday, were to people who'd stopped being customers 6 months or more beforehand---excuse me, "warm" calls? They HATE the company's guts! How the hell am I supposed to sell something expensive to people who detest the company and left it months ago? I really have to resist the urge, when speaking to these people--who take their anger at the company out on me--to code out especially nasty people as "deceased."

Wouldn't that be lovely--if I had charge of the red button in heaven. "Oh, I see here on your life records that you're a certified arsehole. Whoops--oh dear, I hit the "HELL" button, so terribly sorry."

But, we have our humorous moments---namely, names.

I rang up a Mrs. Bizzaro, yesterday--spend the call wondering just exactly what she looked like...hmmmm---

I've called a Rocky Balz...Now there's a name every man can be proud of, ey?

Of course, there's been two Harry Bottoms---which leaves me contemplating whether Harry Bottoms, has Hairy balls, as well.

One of co-workers called a woman--no joke--called Etta Beaver. Wonder if she ever did any ***** movies?

My fav was last week. I called a woman named Wendy (named changed to protect the person) Fux. Yes, it is pronounced the way you think it is.

I have this image of her, being paged over a loudspeaker (tannoy) systerm,
"Wendy Fux, Wendy Fux, report to the information desk." You wonder what sort of line would be forming at that desk ey? Well....probably much shorter then if they paged Harry Bottoms.

But one wonders about the minister at the wedding: "Do you Wendy fux, take Fred Fux, to love...erm, we'll just skip over that bit, shall we?"
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1 Response Mar 21, 2007

I once worked with a woman named Rosie Palmer. Yes, every morning we would ask how her 5 sisters were doing! Also knew a woman whose last name was Swallows. That's just WRONG! As to your statements regarding Americans, I would like to say, Hey, I resemble... er resent That!! lol. No, really it's the first option!