Okaaay, Then...anyone Want Some Artifical Dirt?

Well, in my job I deal with a gardening "club"---it's run by a business that runs clubs for profit.

On the website are free prizes one can win. This month's big item: Cockadoodle Doo---fertilizer. Hey, the name says it all. Their slogan. "Doo--it right."

Yeah, I can just see some little old lady gardener, the winner of the Big Prize, telling her friends over tea: "I won a big bag of chicken **** from my club!"

One of the big adverts in on the club's website, is a manufacturer of "synthetic lawns." Yeah, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the whole point of gardening, that you actually GROW things? What's next? Will people be putting those ugly plastic roses you see, decorating cemetery plots in winter, around their houses? Vinyl trees? Naugahyde shrubbery?

whovian whovian
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1 Response Mar 23, 2007

What is real?<br />
The desire to be green is real. <br />
The desire to not have to water, trim, and fertilize is real. l<br />
The PLANET and HUMANS neeed oxygen. Plants are a very nice way to manufacture it.<br />
I can't think of any thing funny to say about plastic plants. Can yu?