Humor Is My Life Raft

About the only thing that's helping me to keep going, these days, is humor.

Oh, I'm no comic, I'm not even all that funny...but, I don't let that stop me.

Today, I called a bunch of idiots. Yep, I called Texas, Kentucky and New Jersey!

To try to butter her up to maybe make a sale, I told this person from Jersey that New Jersey is a nice state (yeah, if you like chemical plants and violent gangs)...and she got all huffy with me and said, "It's not New Jersey!"

 Ummm---did they rename it recentlY? New Jerksy? Chav-land? That Really Boring State Next to New York City?

Anyway, I got my answer from the woman on the phone. This yuppie woman virtually yelled at me, all snotty like, "It's called 'The Garden State'!"

 Yeah, what wild optimist named it that??? I mean, have you ever seen New Jersey? I suppose there are nice bits--but I've never seen them. I think they preserve the nice bits under glass and trot them out whenever they see a tourist passing by.

Anyhow,  I had the overwhelming urge to say back to this woman, "OH YEAH?!? Well I live in  friggin' New York--'The EMPIRE State'! Kneel and bow to the Empire you Jersey cow!"
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1 Response Mar 28, 2007

I gave this a high five! You have a "yacht" of humor! (skip the life raft)! What can you come up with on Missouri ( the Show Me State)??