The Show Me State

Okay, Missouri--or, Miz-oor-ah, as a native I used to know, pronounced it.

Okay, folks in that state, seem pretty nice--from a telemarketers point of view..but it takes about 10 or 15 minutes longer to talk to them, to to anyone else in the USA. I mean, maple syrup in January, pours out faster than a Misourian's conversation. They tend to take long pauses between each word.

Just to have one say, "Good Morning." could take about five minutes, while the greeter says, "Good"---pauses to scratch, sip some coffee, glance out the window to see if the mule they use for coon hunting has eaten all his morning hay, then, maybe if you're really lucky...I mean, if you're really, really lucky...the person may take a breath and say, "moring."

Instead of the "Show Me" state, they should re-name it, the "slow me"state. Or better yet, the "Slooow (long pause) me (longer pause) state."
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2 Responses Mar 29, 2007

There are other places beside Missouri you know. In fact if you have a sense of humor Indiana is the best place to start because that is where Nibs the billionaire cat lives and where he starts out in Nibs goes to London as if you ever read the book it will be the funniest book you ever read and the movie version that is coming out next year is suppose to be a real blast with several to follow since there is 26 Nibs books altogether. I found it on the net and showed my boss but he already decided he wanted to turn it in to a film. However the same author that wrote Nibs goes to London wrote It never rains in Gold Gap published out of Missouri.

ROFLOL! OHHHHH! (long pause here), You are GOOOOOOOOOOD!<br />
But now you need to come to S.E. Missouri where we talk 100 miles an hour with a half-hick/half-southern accent!