All In The Same Knee!

I have been a soccer player since I was able to ate age 3 and I am now age 15. I play on a challange league, a school league and a classic league. I also cheerlead too. I have It band tendonitus, quadricepts tendonitus, oshgood shlatter desease which is where my growth plate is putting pressure on my knee, I also have an inflammed plika and cartilage tears all in the same knee. I still play soccer because I am nothing without soccer. I have to go to therapy, the orthapedic and get frequent x-rays. I refuse to let him do surgery on my knee because I dont want to put soccer on pause. Today I have two soccer games (Challage at 1, Classic at 4). I was putting on my soccer sock and I could barely pull it up because applying pressure to push my foot into the sock caused really bad pain. I guess its pain killers and medical tape time for me.:)
JakesPrincess17 JakesPrincess17
18-21, F
Oct 20, 2012