My Broken Summer

On Friday July 13th 2012 I was playing softball. I was stealing 2nd base. As I was running I felt my knee pop, I fell to the ground. At first everyone thought i was sliding, but when i didn't get up my coach asked me what was wrong and all i said was"my leg is broken". i had everyone come over and check on my coach was on the phone, calling an ambulance he tried straightening mu knee and it didn't hurt it just wouldn't move. i kept saying "its broken i know it is" and nobody believed me. I wasn't crying i wasn't in pain it was just mental thing where i knew something was wrong. They all kept saying " Kaitlyn your just a 13 year old girl, if you really broke something you wouldn't be just sitting there you would be crying". because i wasn't complaining everyone just thought i dislocated my knee cap. I was carried off in a stretcher and brought to Morton hospital in Taunton MA. While in the ambulance all i cared about was being able to play in the last softball tournament of the year the day after.They knew something was wrong because you could clearly see that my knee cap had been dislocated, my leg was almost black because it bruised so badly and it was 3times its normal size because of all the swelling . The nurse at moron sent me in to get x-rays. When I came back to my room, she pulled up the x-rays and showed me that I completely broke off the top of my tibia. When I heard that I'm just like I don't care as long as I don't need surgery.the second that I thought that the nurse told me that it would have to be surgically repaired.They transferred me to Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence RI. That night the orthopedic surgeon straightened my leg and replaced my knee cap while I was asleep. I spent the night at the hospital waiting for all the other kids with more serious problems to finish their surgeries. The next morning around noon, my nurse came into my room and told me that the surgeons were ready for me. I had the head surgeon come and talk to me and tell me how simple and quick the surgery would be. I went in the operation room and they put the anesthesia through the IV and I was out. When I woke up I looked around my room and it was starting to get dark out. I was curious what time it was because the surgeon told me that the surgery should only take about an hour and a half, when I ended up being in surgery for almost 4 hours. Well once I was completely conscious they told me what happened. The main surgeon opened my leg and was almost over whelmed by all the damage I had done. They figured out that not only did I break off the top of my tibia, when It broke off all of the tendons that were attached to the bone ripped off, and there were also bone chips everywhere. The bone broke off so dramatically that it tore the surface of my ACL. The pressure of everything pushing against it also completely shattered my Meniscus. After finding out about all the extra damage, the five surgeons in the operating room were way to overwhelmed by everything to pretty much reconstruct my knee. They had to call in another surgeon from home. So after the whole operation I came out with 3 screws in my knee a foot long scar and an amazing new surgeon. His name is Dr. Jonathan R. Schiller. I could go on and on about him but I will try to keep it short. He is my biggest inspiration and he is truly my biggest hero. He saved my knee. I was told that if i didn't have the surgery I would never be able to walk again. Just the thought of this had my mind going crazy thinking about everything that i wouldnt be able to do. after hearing that, having Dr.Schiller come into my room and tell me that i would be back to playing softball by the end of november- beginning of December meant the world to me.My softball career could have been ruined and he made it so I could continue doing what I love. He specializes in pediactric orthopedics. His areas of expertise are limb deformity and lengthening, scoliosis and the big one is adolescent hip problems. Even though his favorite area is not what I have a problem with it still touches me. You can just tell by watching him walk that he has a problem with his hips, and that is what inspired him to choose orthopedics as his specialty. He has honestly inspired me go into pediactric orthopedics. I want to be able to change people's lives like he changed mine and touch their hearts like he touched mine. Even after my surgery I still went to all of my softball games to cheer on my team. And I spent a lot of time at Physical therapy. That was pretty much my whole summer. It was not the most interesting summer but it made me realize a lot of things. Most people would see my knee as a tragedy, and at first I thought the same thing. Now I see it as a blessing. Everything happens for a reason and I have finally figured out more than a few reasons.i would not give up this summer for anything!
xkaitlynsykesx xkaitlynsykesx
13-15, F
Nov 27, 2012