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I To Fear Death!!

I can relate to all of your stories. I have had a fear of death since I was 15, mine though only comes every 4 yrs in the fall and winter months. I get so discouraged when I talk about it to family and friends and they tell me they have no fear!! Even talked to my doctor about it and he said "We all die" lot of help he was. I not so much worry about how im gonna die, I worry about what is after death and the not knowing scares the crap out of me. Like one of the stories I read where you get into the why bother with anything when we are all just gonna die and I totally understand.. Can't fathom that what if there is nothing after you die.. and just dont ever exist again..
whtchoc44 whtchoc44 41-45, F 5 Responses Feb 7, 2011

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I'm afraid of dying too, but I'm starting to deal with it. There's pretty compelling evidence for reincarnation at least, and the general time between incarnations is 15 months, so if you don't like whatever heaven entails, you just have to put up with it for 15 months and then you can come back to earth. That's not so bad is it? My prayers are with you my friend.

I can totally relate to everything that you are saying. This is the first time that I am speaking about my fear publicly. I recall first having an anxiety act about dying when I was around 15 or so. I remember going into a deep depression, being scared to sleep, I lot 25 lbs and I was taking to see a shrink that did not help. I'm 32 now and every few years I have what I call episodes. My episodes include months of depression and horrible thoughts. I too have said what is the point of living. I really dont live because the fear of death stops me from living. I have thought about killing myself just to get it over with. I look at life so different than most. I have two kids so I truely live for them. If helps me to know that I am not completely crazy and alone. I feel your pain and what helps me is praying and taking it one day at a time.

thanks johnny88 for responding, I would like to ask you what you believe? again thanks for responding thought this site was a help site but as you can see nobody responds...

question death , what is death ? is there even death ? is it just a concept ? how do you know your thought of death is totally true ? is there actually a 'someone' in this body that dies or is that all an illusion ?

yeah whethere they say they are scared of dying or not doesnt mean they arent. Most of us are hugely scared of this inner voide we all have, i mean everyone. what makes someone seem like they not scared is because they hold some positive beliefs about where they are going when they die this covers this void for a short time but they are deluding themselves. The people who arent scared have faced this void and found out what its like. So dont take their word for it. they don't know what they talking about. only you can discover why your scared of death, have a look at this feeling it conjures up have a look at your thoughts on death , are they true ? even if you think when you die its this empty nothingness but isnt this just a thought ? question these fears dont take them at face value. since ive started meditating ive been faced with soo many fears and when i mention them to people you get people on the meditative path saying there is nothing to fear etc that to me shows complete lack of understanding because just because they have seen it is nothing how am i to know , so best way is to search yourself , question your thinking .<br />
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people always give hideous advice because that is all they know they think that what they know is best but they know what is best for them not for you!