My Daily Torment

Ever since I was 11 years of age I started to think about death but it did'nt seem to affect me to much. However in the last few months the fear I have has become more severe and now virtually every minute of the day is spent dwelling on it. It is not the pain side of it which I imagine is a lot of peoples problem with death, in fact I would much rather know I was going than die in my sleep.It is also annoying that no one really understands my fear. It is just the fact that once I die thats it.............for ever and ever and ever and so on i.e. I am never coming back. This fear is really starting to affect my life and if this is the only life we have I want to enjoy it. So how do I deal with this?
BongoBill31629 BongoBill31629
2 Responses Aug 20, 2012

I am stuggling with the exact same issue. It has been 8 months now, and I wish I could move past this fear, but I don't know how.

You sound just like me. It started with separation anxiety when I was young which first developed when I first experienced death with my dog and a few years late my first loss of family in my aunt. A year ago I did not sleep at all. Every night I had anxiety attacks thinking about death and exactly what you said, that's it, forever and ever I know it's out of my control and I should not think about it but it's hard sometimes. I think a lot to myself at night and once it pops into my head it it impossible to get out. My chest begins to heart, I start sweating and it takes awhile to calm down. I used to have someone to talk to about it and she helped a lot but unfortunately we are no longer together. When I am with someone is calms my feelings.