Hi, I'm not sure why I have never looked this up on the internet before now...

Basically ever since I can remember, i mean like my earliest memories when I was a child, I have had this overwelming fear of death...I would have gone to bed and for some reason something would trigger the thought of death and I would have to run to my parents to calm me down as I'd be repeatedly screaming... Im gunna die, Im gunna die... over and over! As I got older it would come in boughts and I could go months without the thought of it bothering me, but it still does and it doesnt get any easier...When I do think about it I have full blown panic attacks, my heart is racing and I can't stop myself from shaking and it can some times take me upto an hour to calm my self down...I have had full blown attacks in day light whilest shopping before now....

It enters my thoughts every day...whether it be about my death or my family dying....Sometimes I will be fine and I can control it and the thought will go away but I know it won't be forever...it might be 3months a year, whatever, but I know I will still get these attacks...I just want to know what I can do to stop them...and I'm glad that I have found some where that I am not alone in feeling this...I'm 23 I don't want it to rule my life any longer...but worry that it has been such a big part of my life until now that it always will be...

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Me too! I am so relieved that other people have the same fear I do, now I don't feel like a complete freak! My main terror is the loss of my parents and even my pets! It freaks me out all the time. And for some reason these thoughts always go round in my head when I'm trying to sleep so I just get more stressed and more anxious. I always worry about things I have absolutely no control over!

may be you will have a spiritual experience

Hi there. I feel exactly the same as you. I get really panicky about dying. I struggle to breath easily and I feel physically sick. I have to physically shake my head to shake off the tthoughts. It usually hits me at night before I fall asleep. I worry that I won't wake up. It's awful. I need help but don't know where to start.

I'd go to a doctor, therapist, or just simply talk to your family about it. I've been suffering for almost four years now, and I finally like I'm starting to coup. Considering how long this fear has lasted for you, I would really reccommend a doctor. They can analyze the problem and help you.

Hay guy, if u are assured a thousand year, it will sure come 2 pass, there4, i care not when i die.Life is stages,n death is one of it. Now remember u did'nt decide ur creation. Wht hav u got so much dat u dont want 2 miss-after all others commit sucide, countries go 2 war and d soldier that fight this even they cld die in this cause, there survival means fightin death .Pple accross all age do die, babies die in there mothers' womb. Not just livin,nonlivin also ware n peresh away.There4 our fear should'nt be that of missin this world and those we love,but wht is the purpose of death. Maybe whn u find wht it is, it cld culb ur fear.