i don't know what exactly,its a combination of what will happen to me when i die,and whats dieing actually like? its so severe that anytime i hear anything to do with death i panic inside. i feel horrible ever since i can remember it has scared me, it actually keeps me awake sometimes,or i start panicking at night time. i have a wonderful bf family an friends but this fear has had me feeling so alone at times. its depressing because i feel like an idiot fearing the one thing we all face at some stage.

does anybody else feel the way i feel?

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I am thantophobic too. I get physically sick and have panic attacks, and sometimes cry, which I am embarrassed to show this emotion. I hear voices when I am laying in bed alone at night.

Yes. I have been feeling this way for years now. You can't sleep, you start shaking all over, the thought of food makes you vomit, and even if you talk to people about it, it doesn't fully help you. This anxiety you are having is quite normal, usually genetic too. I often think that my fears will destroy my life, even though my life is almost perfect. My family is healthy, I have a boyfriend who would do anything to make me laugh, and my grades have been improving. I have this usually in the winter and fall, and is caused by a chemical imbalance in my brain when I'm not exposed to enough sunlight. You may have the same problem. It could also be a thyroid problem or you are just having general anxiety. <br />
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I would consult a doctor, you don't have to be on medication, but diagnosing the problem might give some comfort too. Therapy has been a great help for me. My grandmother prefers going to church to settle herself. Have you talked to your family about this?