Classical Tutus!!!

Hi guys, i have a wonderful sewing machine.  It sits under my desk quietly minding its own business, and every now and then, say once every two to three years I set it up and try to use it.

Only now I have to make a classical tutu for my 12yr old who is into dancing. Over the next few years she will need new ones regularly. These things are expensive, so I have no chioce.  To buy one that fits properly will cost at least £200, but only £20 ish to make.

Oh well, at least i have no nails left to snag on the material.


dimdom dimdom
2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

OH My.....the tutu is done and looks OK ish. It fits too....I think. On Friday her ballet teacher is going to inspect it. <br />
<br />
Wish me luck!<br />
<br />

indeed it is refreshing that not one but many who have purchased complicated tools that require thought to be set beside caution and effort to make something is respectfully given. MUCH easier to talk to a machine and say ; Make my little girl a dress and simply have my little girl stand there while the machine scans and measures my little girl for the processor to configure all the hard stuff. We are just in the wrong time zone of life I do believe! We are Not lazy people at all, we simply do not like doing what that machine should be doing ! It's not my idea of joy! So no matter which machine is invented that isn't adequate enough to make me enjoy using it comes along.I refuse to feel guilty about it! You should join me in my feeling I think. So should you:)