Please Help Me Save My Marriage

Ok I have this problem where I am always horny, ok not always but at least 80 percent of the day. And I don't really have any limits on what i get off to. I love everything, well almost everything. I don't like scat, I do like to watch pee stuff, I don't like guys on animals, but girls on animals is fine. But yea really more than likely if it is a fetish i am into it. Because i am so horny all the time, my wife can't keep up with me. She used to, we used to have sex like 6-12 times a day. Now we might have sex 2 times a week. And i have talked to her about it but nothing changes. So I go online, and i talk to people. Nothing harmful, I just enjoy having my own personal ****. Now by the way I am talking you might think that I am a pig or rude, but honestly I am very nice to people, even my little online *****, I treat them very well. But my wife has caught me doing this and she considers it to be cheating. She has caught me doing this oh lets say 8 times. And recently she has been treating to leave me. I love her, I really do. And when I am not doing this we have a great relationship. Even now I am hoping to find some little horny girl that wants to be my online cyber slave, but I don't want to want that. So what i am asking is that someone ( needs to be a girl) is willing to help me, by being my online friend. Someone that if I try to turn into my little slave will talk with me about it and keep me straight. But you can't be mean about it, you have to be kind and understanding that I am just horny and I want you. But you have to be understanding and keep me focused. Also I can do the same for you? If there is anyone who just wants to be a kind person it would be so so appreciate by me, and my wife can never know but her and my son will be grateful because I wont be hurting my wife anymore. Please I really don't want to lose my family, and I am afraid if I can't straighten out I might. 

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2 Responses May 18, 2010

I don't know if you are a sex addict but you might get some idea for your self.
Go to and take the 20 questions quiz. Think about the results. Look up a phone number for your area and call it. There will be a person on the other end that know just what you are going through. I did this and my life is much better for doing it.

I think you are jumping to conclusion with "sex addition". What if your wife was to enjoy sex 3 times a day? What if you had really hot fulfilling sex 3 times a day with a bunch of real life kink mixed in? Do you think that would satisfy you? Do you think you need 6-12 times a day? You said that you and your wife did it 6-12 times a day, why do you think she stopped? If she enjoyed it then, why could she not enjoy it now? I think you are making a mistake by assuming you are a "sex addict" and by giving up on finding satisfaction in your marriage. You need to face this issue together with your wife. But don't for a moment let yourself be guilted into thinking that you are "abnormal" or "amoral" or "sick". Dealing with it is your shared responsibility. You need to demand satisfaction from your marriage. You have the urge, she obviously once enjoyed it, what does it take to make it happen? There are so many options! May be if you were a better lover she would still be into as much sex as you? Just a thought worthy to think. May be if you two were to get more open and exploring the kinky side of things, breaking through the limiting thoughts that the hypocrite society has taught you, may be you can yet be happy together. Don't give up on it so early, and don't trade unreal sex for the real satisfaction! Good luck, please report back. I am interested.