Sexual Addiction Has Overtaken My Life

Hi there im a 28 year old male and suffered from sexual addiction for almost 9 yrs, It has now effected my marriage and i have to change.
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3 Responses Aug 7, 2010

I don't know if you are a sex addict but you might get some idea for your self.
Go to and take the 20 questions quiz. Think about the results. Look up a phone number for your area and call it. There will be a person on the other end that know just what you are going through. I did this and my life is much better for doing it.

I totally understand your pain. I have been a sex addict for years, and it is crushing me. I have done the most vile, awful, and risky things in order to connect... but once the high is gone, I have to go further.

Are you sure? Can you say more about the plain facts of your problem? How much do you want sex? How often do you have sex? How fulfilling is the sex you have for you? What is the real issue here? And how has it "affected" you marriage? Don't jump to conclusions about calling yourself "sick". Whatever crisis has now emerged may actually be a good thing. Time to face the truth and try to build a happy life for you and your loved one(s).