I Think I May Be Addicted To Sex.

If I'm not actually having sex, I'm thinking about it, ************, or looking at some **** to ********** to. I don't know if this is an actual problem. I mean, I'm able to do everything in my life that I want or need to do, so no obvious problems there. The only problem I feel is I don't actually get to have sex as much as I want. I think I maybe have sex once every three months, so I feel frustrated most of the time. I'm so horny I ********** 2-3 times a day. ************ feels good and I usually climax, but it's just not as good as the real thing. So I guess I just feel sexually frustrated most of the time and don't really feel loved by anyone. Man, this is starting to sound really depressing. I didn't think it was this bad until I started writing. I guess what I wonder is, how can you know if you're "addicted" to sex and is that really a bad thing?
Galtar Galtar
31-35, M
1 Response Sep 19, 2012

If it interferes with your life in a negative way, then you are.

If you cannot focus on work because of it. If it is happening too frequently and to intensively and if you feel that you have no self control over it if a really tempting situation comes up, then yes, clearly you are a sex addict.
But instead of being depressed about it, which won't help, just relax and try to find out a solution. I'm working on it very hard and my puzzle pieces of the knowledge about how to decrease/kill my sex drive are slowly being put together.