I Have Been A Sex Addict Since Pre-teen But Didn't Realize It Till Last Summer.

After years of thinking I was experiencing love that was in fact lust I realized after answering the 20 questions that I was a sex addict.

As a result I had endless empty relationships, never had children and almost wreaked my second marriage only a few of the catalog of acting out I 'enjoyed' (I wish there was a sarcasm font) . Because of strong Christian roots I was not unfaithful …. but I came very close and was acting out in the typical ways.

I am attending meetings with a great set of fellows. It has helped a great deal. I stopped seeing a costly therapist that said same self sex was perfectly all right and various sorts of acting out was also perfectly all right. Those in SA and serious about recovering know that is not true.

So I am doing much better. My marriage is back on a positive track. My wife has cut back on her drinking which my actions toward her did not have cause but did contribute to.After years of thinking I was experiencing
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Hi there,
well done for getting yourself to the SAA meetings. I have only just started, but I also realise that this is what I need. It does feel a bit daunting and putting yourself in a room full of people who are so troubled is not easy. I realise that it is getting easier every time I go and slowly I can see that there is light at the end of this tunnel. Unfortunately it is too lae for my marriage, and other consequence, that are headed my way, will mean that I am pretty wrecked for the next few years, but I will beat this thing. I will not lead my life with lustful thoughts in my head whenever I look at any woman.
Keep up going to the meetings! We know it works.
God bless you!