My Sexual Bucket List...

1. Skinny Dipping
2. Really Loud Sex
3. Mile High Club
4. ******* at the movies.
5. ********* (done it but maybe with a guy)
6. Sex in front of a mirror
7. Lick partner from head to toe.
8. Handcuffs
9. Rough sex with me in charge
10. Wear sexy lingerie
11. Have my toes sucked to ******
13. Dirty weekend away
14. sex on the beach
15. blindfolds!
16. Sex in the forest or a park
17 Sex in a restroom
18. Golden shower
19. you tied up (safe word )
20. me tied up (safe word)
21. skip work to have sex
22. Be watched while I put on my own sexy show
23. bar bathroom sex
24. Wield a riding crop, whip, or cat o’ nine tails
25. hand someone my panties
26. ****
27. have my body be appreciate
28. be completely dominated by a man
29. ********** but you would only allowed to look, not touch and not allowed to pleasure yourself in the process or *** after I'm done. Instead, go to sleep craving more.
30. Have very gentle sex
31. Have an ****** in front of people without them knowing
32. strap on....this is a crazy fantasy of mine
33. oral sex with ice
34. Have consensual non-consensual sex (rape play)
35. sex in a taboo place.
36. explore your ***
37 have someone explore my ***
38. silent sex
39. give a lap dance
40. show up wearing lingerie and a trenchcoat
41. make love while talking dirty.
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13 Responses Jan 9, 2013

that's a great list - I like all of those - love your imagination and your tastes

Wow what a list!

Like your list.. i'd love to have someone to do ALL those things with. even golden showers and the strap-on. by the way I live in lorain county are such a virgin......... ;)<br />
<br />
Wait......golden showers......NO!!!!!!!!!!! Gross. At least for me. <br />
<br />
No strap on either. LOL

I've done most of your list except golden showers not my bag, how about having sex with girl20yrs younger then you beside your sleeping wife.

You better hurry up , that's a long list ;)

I like you list and your style ! you have alot to accomplish ! it shouldnt be hard to find a willing partner ! you sound very creative and very naughty and horny ! i like that ! growl !

You are such a prude.


What a great list. I like most of them but only participated in 6 of them. Have you marked any off in the month since you created this list?

Let's start at no. 1. Are you a squirter too?

That's it? LOL...just kidding. Great list. :)

wow sounds like a lot of fun on that list

throw out 38 and you have a great list