My Little *****

We're not married and never will be. In fact, I've begun dating other girls who are also into the lifestyle, but not as slaves, but who will also serve as her masters in a sense. I first met Madeline when she was fifteen and I was twenty; she was a friend of my sister's and I knew at first glance she was a little *****. The way she dressed, way she applied her makeup, kept her hair, and talked. Long story short, she ended up coming to stay with us for a summer, which was when she first agreed to become my slave.

It didn't happen at once. First we were just **** buddies, taking advantage of our mutual attraction and ******* in secret as often as we could find the time and place to do so. But over time I began to assert my dominance over her and she accepted it and eventually me as her master. Initially she was very rebellious, strong-willed, and full of anger. But after trying those things with me a few times, I had her broken to the point where she was all mine. It began when she lost her job and couldn't afford cigarettes on her own anymore. She had gotten me to buy them for her at first, but now she was broke, so I'd buy them and make her 'earn' them by doing as she was told, at first just when we had sex, but eventually in everything she did.

I made sure she was aware of just how little she meant to me. I got the sense that she was developing feelings at one point, so I put an end to that quickly. I told her I had no feelings for her; in fact, I didn't give a **** if she lived or died, so long as she continued to serve as my c-u-m dumpster while she was alive. I said I didn't date stupid good for nothing ****** and that I can **** her anytime I want, so why the hell would I want to date her? She cried at first, but then I realized she had finally been completely broken and was ready to accept my ownership without hesitation.

My first order to her was simply to test her loyalty. I told her to sit in front of the computer with the screen off all day, from the time I left for work after ******* her that morning, until I came home and was ready to **** her again. I had the webcam on, recording her, and told her if I so much as saw her stand once, she would be punished by the one thing I knew she hated most: anal, followed by ***-to-mouth. Sure enough, when I came home she was sitting right there and a quick fast-forward through the recording showed she had not moved from the chair or used the computer for nine straight hours between ********. I never expected her to actually do it, though, so I had been looking forward to the anal and ***-to-mouth. So I made her do it anyway. She is - was - so tight in her ***, she cried the whole way through to the point that when I blew my load on her face I couldn't tell where her tears ended and my *** began.

On an average weekday I'd **** her five times; one in the morning before work, once as soon as I got home, once in the show later that night, and twice before bed. She also has a standing order to act as my alarm clock, waking me every weekday morning with a *******. Before becoming my slave, she had quit smoking and had told me she wanted to stop because her mom had gotten lung cancer and while she beat it, the ***** was worried she may get it as well. Once she was mine, I told her she was to smoke at least two full packs a day and if I found that she was throwing them away or not inhaling, she'd get anal/atm. She got it a few times as I found them in the trash, in the sink, and other places. But she smoked enough right in front of me and while she was being ****** that I knew it wouldn't take more than a couple weeks before she'd smoke them without protest once she became addicted once again. Sure enough, less than 3 weeks later she was smoking 2 full packs a day.

She gets a birth control shot every 3 months to ensure she can't get pregnant as I refuse to use a condom when I **** her. She was made to hold *** and she can't do that if I use a condom. I know, deep down, she still has feelings for me and hopes I'll accept her as my lover one day. Needless to say she's lost her slutty little mind (what little exists) if she actually believes that. But one day I decided to lead her on a bit. I told her for one full day it was going to be BFE day - boyfriend experience day - where she wouldn't be my slave, but my girlfriend and that it'd be all about her on that day.

When the day came along, I treated her like a princess. I told her I loved her and wanted to be with her, and we had a VERY passionate sex session as boyfriend/girlfriend where I whispered in her ear how much I loved her and how important she was to me. Afterward, I let her know that I didn't want to play the slave game anymore; I wanted to be with her more than anything. That I was totally and completely in love with her and wanted her to be my wife and for us to have a family. She fell asleep in my arms that night.

The next morning I woke up to no ******* and realized the dumb ***** thought I was serious about all that stuff. I punished her for not waking me with anal/atm twice and told her how ******* stupid she was to think I'd ever want her as she was nothing but a waste of air, good for nothing but taking ***** and holding ***. I let her know that, once she was too old to serve her role, she might as well blow her brains out as she surely isn't worthy of anything else in life. Again, she cried. I almost felt bad for her... almost. Again, it was hard to tell my *** apart from her tears.

I brought a girlfriend of mine over once and had the ***** service her, to make her *** as many times as possible for 4 hours straight. She did - my girlfriend came several times. I made sure Madeline knew the difference between her and my girlfriend; that my girl was a goddess and someone I cared about deeply. Madeline, on the other hand, would never be any of those things. I often make her watch as we cuddle at night and I tell my girl how much I love her and we talk about our future together. She very much enjoys having a slave around to please her, though she's only just starting to appreciate the fun of humiliating the ***** and finding new ways to tell her how worthless she is.

She'll come around, though. She's a smart girl; unlike my little *****.
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I think your really sick , and I had some one who put me down and cheated on me often , But I realized wow I am a sexy girl and started doing taekwando and still am every day I am learning that I am wonderful woman I am and I hope she will also learn !!!!!!!

You're really stupid you and your so call "goddess"

Love it

I wonder if the girl would protect you or throw you under the bus. Obedience is great and everyone knows a truly broken slave is obedient but what about loyalty? I don't think going back on your word says much about you as an owner. Fear and pain as a motivator only work until the chance comes for them to turn on you like a dog. Everything you did other than lying and rubbing it in were fine, using her for your enjoyment despite her pain and tears, dating other girls. Also making her smoke was idiotic. I wouldn't want a broken computer or ****** up car so why would I want a sick and useless slave. Not to mention how cigs are a money pit

what the ****! you are a sick twisted minded person. go to hell!!!

LOL.... yes, indeed!

Very intriguing.

you went to far on that poor girl i hope she leaves your sick *** your the worthless one!

I appreciated the level of details you've begun here in your explaination of your relationship. Please, do go on!

I think your approach is correct. To be a true slave, they must have their spirits fully crushed so their obedience is complete.

I think your approach is correct. To be a true slave, they must have their spirits fully crushed so their obedience is complete.

you are sick *** HOLE