I Was In A Sexless Marriage On My Old Account

But that was not completely accurate. My marriage, Thank God, is not completely sexless. I do not have as much as I would like, or feel I need. I get enough to survive. But sex is so important and so fun I want more! I do talk about to my wife, and she is sympathetic, but still does not "rise" to the occasion. Her reasons, her daughter 17, lives with us and she doesn't want her to hear. Ok, I believe in being respectful, but come on the daughter talks about sex around us, and she is 17 not 7, ok so we wont be wild. She has had a hysterectomy, ok, that will reduce your drive. She has current medical problems and is always tired. Well, ok, I support you fully on getting better, but just lay there, I will do all the work. Just let me touch you. Marriage is more then sex. But please if you want me to be faithful for life, keep me feed, don't let me get hungry.
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I'm sorry. You sound sad

Yes somewhat I don't get mad at her. I do get frustrated and that channels to sad. She does otherwise take care of me.

Sex for women is about intimancy..it starts in their head n their heart..i commend you for discussing it with ur wife instead of jus seaking it elsewhere. and i myself have had times with age 40's now , hormone shifts, medications etc have had no desire..women need a lot of foreplay i mean a lot... at times..try date night send the daughter n her friends out for the evening,let her sleep over at a friends and pretend you are courting ur wife, u seem like a respectful man..take her out make her feel special appreciated, like she's the only woman in the room. flirt, have some wine dancing slow and close hold her tight. all eyes will be on you because ur the most romantic couple around. give her a massage, bubble bath together, wash her hair, have champagne, litlte daily things like a love note unexpectedly , making her coffee in the am. keeping her car filled with gas n washed. most men , not saying you are most men, work so hard to get the woman they are exhausted and then when they figure out they got to keep doing that stuff after they got em gezzz, umm yeah guys if you want get laid on a consistent basis, you gotta do that often. if you try some of that and she still isn't dripping wet for you, i dont' know what to say...try professional help best of luck to you , the lady is lucky to have you , make her remember how much she made the right choice by marrying you...hey post ur results if you like or pm me with them... n btw...i'm kept happy by my man and i'm always in the mood for him.. but again i realise that if he approaches me in the am and i'm late for work , we're not going to be getting busy for an hour. i stopped buying clothes that wrinkle easily cause sometimes he just wants to sqeeze my *** or play with my boobs for a minute. yes i enjoy it 2.. sorry for my rant..thought i could help from the ladies pov// <br />
and believe it or not depending on how a girl is raised , we were taught it's not lady like to actually like sex, and worse yet its something women have to endure to have a husband ..

It took courage to share this experience. I pray that the situation turns around for you. Blessed be.