Sexless Relationship With A Man Addicted To Sexting

Five years ago I started dating a man we will call Joe. When we firsted started going out I knew he liked to meet people online afterall it's how we met. Early on he also "hit" on my friend at time over We agreed after this to take our relationship to the next level and only see each other. We had a decent relationship early on. I loved to kiss him. Sex was infrequent. We moved in together 1 year later. The sex stopped and has stopped for the past 4 years. About 6 months ago, I found that he is still chatting with women over craigs lists, face book, emails, and texts. I have set him up over craigslists and have very sexual emails back and forth with him. He has no idea it was me. He has no idea that I know. Although he would discuss meeting with me (and I had several different fake personalities that he was conversing with) he never met me.

He is good to me finacially , but emotianally and sexually he isnt. I want to end this but I dont know do I tell him I know his secret without a major confrontation, but I try and avoid. I am at a loss.
maxineinalabama maxineinalabama
41-45, F
May 8, 2012