My Hot Gey Sex Fantasy

I'm 18 and working as a camp couselor. I share a room with two other guys - "Jamal" and "Malik." They're both africal american and they're both extremely hot.

Jamal is 6 foot 1 and has a lean tight body. Like a wide receiver on a football team. Malik is 6 foot 3 and has the most gorgeous facial features I've ever seen on a man.

I like them and they like me too. We hang out and drink a few beers together and when we're a little buzzed we talk about sex. There's a lot of ******* going on at this camp and just about ever guy counselor has ****** every girl counselor at least once. Jamal and Malik ****** every hot girl within 5 miles including some campers. All over 17 - they're both smart enough to keep away from the jailbait, although some of the 15 and 16 year old girl campers are hotties and can pass for 18.

I ****** around 10 different babes so far - all counselors and all of them definitely doable. A couple of them were more than doable and one was drop dead gorgeous and she had a huge rack too. There are two counselors who are even hotter than her but so far neither one has spread her legs for me.

But they both spread their legs for Jamal and Malik and they just finished telling me about the time they both tag team ****** her brains out.

I've seen them both naked in the shower and from the size of their flaccid dicks I'd bet they both have dicks that are around 10 inches long. So I decided to ask them how big they really were since we were talking about them putting their dicks in this hot babe's mouth and her ***** and up her *** too!

I was hot for Jamal and Malik and I really wanted them to tell me to get down on my knees and take turns sucking their two big black monster *****. I wasn't sure they knew this but I had a feeling that they did. They liked to walk around naked in front of me in our room - they did that a lot - and I began to think they were flirting with me. I didn't have the courage to make the first move - until tonight, that is.

Jamal answered my question first. "My **** is almost 11 inches." Then Malik told me his was around 10. I almost dropped to the floor when I heard them tell me this but I tried my best to act nonchalant as if we were talking about baseball and not about big black ****!

I really wanted to grab both those dicks with my two hands right then but it turns out I didn't have to, since they made the first move on me. Malik asked me if I ever sucked a **** before and I told him the truth which is "yes I have." He liked hearing that and so did Jamal. So I asked them if they ever let a guy suck their **** and I got the answer I was hoping for. "Yeah" they both said to me.

"I knew you were a **********" Jamal said to me. Then he stood up and took of his shorts and boxers and told me to prove I'm a **********.

Next thing I knew I had Jamal's **** in my mouth. It was semi-hard at first and I felt it get bigger and harder in less than a minute. He told me to take my hands off his **** so only my mouth was touching it and to look up at him because he liked that. So I did what he said and when we looked at each other I felt a sexual jolt that was more intense than anything I'd ever felt before.

I was in a sexual daze and forgot about Malik totally - until I felt his hard **** hit the side of my face. I had two big black dicks to take care of and I was ready for them! I took Jamal's **** out of my mouth so I could suck Malik's **** for a while. I went back and forth between the two - sucking one and stroking the other with my hand. And also ******* off both of them and looking up to watch them french kiss. I didn't dare touch my own **** since any contact would make me shoot a load of **** which I didn't want to do until much much later on. They started to talk dirty to me and called me a *********** ****** and black **** ***** and that got me even hotter.

I figured they both only wanted a ******* so I kept on sucking both those big black dicks and waited for Jamal and Malik to ***. I'd never swallowed another guy's **** before but there's a first time for everything and I was feeling so horny and so much like a dirty cockslut that I decided to let both of them shoot their **** all over my face when they came.

But they didn't want just a ******* from me. They wanted to take turns ******* me. I wasn't expecting that but when Malik pulled me up from my knees and said that it was time for them to **** me I couldn't say no so I went with it. They both pushed me on to my bed and told me to get on my knees with my head down and to stick my *** as high up in the air as I could. I felt another erotic rush run through my body as I did what I was told.

They weren't in a rush to start ******* me. They played with me and teased me first. Jamal pulled my hard **** down from behind and began licking my *******. That felt really good!. Then he licked my balls and sucked my **** from behind. Then I felt a finger go in my *** - it was all lubed up. It was Malik's finger and I moaned as he put it inside me. Then he put two fingers in my ***, and then three.

He said he was getting me ready and opening me up for their huge dicks. He asked me if I liked having his three fingers stretching my *** and I said "yes very much" which was the truth. He told me to say how much I loved their two big blacks and how much I wanted to get my *** ******. I did what they wanted.

Then Jamal asked if I ever had been ****** by a guy before and I answered "no, this is gonna be my first time." They both said they liked that. They liked to **** an ***-virgin ****** like me and they liked to watch me take my first ever *** *******. And that I'd better not cry or tell them to stop which I promised not to do.

Malik said it was almost time to start *******. Then he french kissed me like he was a teenage girl kissing the boy of her dreams. When he got up he said that I was a lucky guy. I asked him why and he said I was lucky because not many guys lose their anal virginity by getting tag teamed by two guys who each have a **** bigger than 10 inches. And he was right.

They didn't warn me right before the ******* started. I just felt a huge **** go in my ***. Slowly and softly which got it almost all inside me. I expected to feel some pain but it didn't hurt at all. It just felt very very good. I wasn't sure which guy was ******* me at first so I tuend around and saw that it was Jamal. He started to **** me with his big black **** faster and harder and he grabbed my butt cheeks with both his hands. Then Malik got in front of me and stuck his **** between my lips.

If you've never had a big **** in your *** and another big **** in your mouth at the same time, you should try it. When I did that it made me feel like a dirty ***** and I loved it all!

They took turns ******* me and after we did it doggy style they both sat down next to ech other on the couch and I took turns riding their ***** in the cowboy position. Sitting on their monster ***** and looking at them made us all crazy with lust. They both kissed me passionately when I rode them and that's when I felt the three of us connect sexually.

We ****** like that for a while then they made me get back on my bed, on my back. Malik went first. He spread my legs and lifted them in the air and then he put his **** inside me and ****** me face to face. That was good too. Jamal was next and he slammed his big **** in and out of my *** as fast and as hard as he could.

I could see from his face that he was almost ready to *** so I told them that they could both *** on my face if they wanted to and that I really wanted them to do that to me so I could experience it for the first time. They both liked that and Jamal called me the dirtiest ****** ***** he's ever ****** because of it.

A minute or so later Jamal pulled out and I grabbed his **** and aimed it right at my nose and jerked him off until he shot his load all over my face. Then I did the same to Malik and when his **** hit my face I took their two dicks I licked the *** on both their dicks while more of it dripped down my chin. When I was done they told me to get off the bed and stand up and they both got on their knees and double sucked my **** until I shot my load. Jamal took it all in his mouth and swallowed it up.

Then it was over. We all kissed each other and then just hung out for a while in our room. Malik asked me if I had fun and I said "More fun than I ever had in my entire life" which made the both laugh.

We had sex around 5 more times that summer as a *********. And they both also ****** me one-on-one a couple of times too.

Our relationship didn't change at all from being **** buddies. We acted the same way we did before the first time we did it, and we kept it a secret to only ourselves and nobody else knew about it. Then the camp season was over and we parted ways. We kept in touch for a few months - we all were from the same general area and we met up a few times. I sucked their dicks two of those times but neither of them ever ****** me again. We contacted each other less and less as time went by and eventually parted ways forever.

None of us went back to that camp again but if we all did we would have had lots of great sex together. I was hoping we'd all go back as counselors the next summer and I was looking forward to adding one or more girls to our **** sessions which would have been hot but that never happened.

That's my gay sex fantasy. I wish it all happened to me for real.
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