Elegant Wife Whipped

I'm wearing a knee length purple skirt with black high heels and a white blouse with skin coloured tights. I'm sitting crossed legged and have just come home from having sex with another man who is not my husband. My legs are beautiful and well defined and I dab my foot innocently waiting in the living room. Suddenly the front door opens and closes with harsh bang. I know its my husband. I stand up rubbing down my skirt and checking my tights. I approach the door, my husband looks angry. He can't know about the affair, he just can't. He places a hand on my cheek and tells me to go to the bedroom and wait on the bed. I ask him why. I bend down in an attempt to give him a *******, he pulls me up and repeats the instruction for me to wait on the bed. I go up the stairs. I hear smashing from the floor below. I know he is angered and I enter the bedroom, take of my heels and sit on the bed with my skirt shins facing the entrance. I hear my husband coming up the stairs, I start to feel frightened and wish to run. But I know that I couldn't go anywhere. He finally reaches the bedroom and steps towards the bed. He tells me he knows where I've just been and what I have been doing. He takes a seat on the side of the bed and begins to undo his belt. I can here the chink of the buckle metal ringing. I look into his eyes and say I didn't mean any harm that I didn't want to hurt him. I know that it is too late and while he has a hand on my neck, I lean across willingly to accept a harsh whipping. I am on my knees my lower body in pain with the strain of the position. I plead , telling him not to do it. " Please Marco" . He tells me to shut up and begins whipping me with the belt end. I feel the pain immediately and make a small whimpering noise. Again he strikes me. Again. Again. The tears pour down my cheeks and I now regret what I have done as I bury my face into his lap thinking about what I've done. It continues for six minutes the belt whipping the smalls of my back.
happydays12 happydays12
Sep 14, 2012