Wedding Night

caren was their the girl of my dreams my new bride and i was so in love with her she was my babygirl everything i wanted in a wife carring conpasite and allways a great listener i loved
her and her smile sarted my day made me feell sow good she was mine and i was hers we where
perfeclt for eanch other she was my dream wife we started having sex that night romantic passonite sex and she say i was her women i was wating for all her life kissing me and the candles blowing and the music playing she would moan and i knew i was plesaing her write and then i stated kissing her breast as her nipples got hard i went fruther down on her to whrere you should plesure your new wife she was all ready wet and that made me very aroused and then my
tounge started toching her and she moaned again she got to that moment every women dreams
about her big o when she got off from us haveing sex she said now your turn jamie she took a toy from her nightstand and started useing it to get me aroused more then i all ready was and then she said you have a fasntasy oh yah baby i do what is it you are my fasntasy caren she
smiled as she turn the vibetor on to make me even more aroused i sreamed out her name and i said caren oh caren then we both wrere happy i hade a wonderfull weding night with her and
then she started kissing me we ate cholate toether and she gave me a aziming sex and i was sow sow inlove with her
barribi barribi
22-25, F
Dec 5, 2012