What's that about "A" sexual fantasy!??!


I have WAYYY more than just one!!

With WAY more than juste ONE person too!

Sheesh... "a" sexualy fantasy... laaaaaaaaaame!

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29 Responses Feb 19, 2010

hehe ok

LOL. that's where it starts McN... A sexual fantasy, then you go to B sexual fantasy sextion until you get to Z, and you can use ascii characters if you want :D...that definetly gets freaky!

I think it would look great


Of course honey, of course

Hamburgler wont be able to speak through the gimp mask

Oo imagine his wiggle in heels!

And womens clothes... and high heels... I getting all pervy about this... I dont even know why....

Maybe would be less...i mean, I don't know many that wear that much foundation, and normally people get a too dark colour, unless you're going all goth on us

Dude, it would't be far off the get up you got going on now....

Oh puleeeeze. I wanna see McNinja wearing women's makeup...

Ooo will do just fine, wooden?

Please and maybe a paddle

Pegs! It's been tooooo toooo long since we used the pegs!

that would be mewold


we'll need wine and chocolate too....

Let's!<br />
<br />
I'll bring the whips and cream!

Lets Have a Party!!!!!


Hell, all three of you are in some of mine!!!!!

hehehe mewold, you are in all of mine

Oh, come on! Write the story. I have sexual fantasies also. and the lalaninjacakes is in some of them. MUHahahahahahahahahaha.........................................burp

Kinky ; )

I'd really you rather wouldn't either, cos then it would be like all weird and stuff...and yeah

Ah, man...do it!

Oo I never knew you had it in you!

I do, which is why I asked you to share..duh!