Please Forgive Me?

“Sweetheart?” There was no answer. The white bathroom door in face. I leaned my flushed cheek against the cool white painted wood.


“Please, can I come in?” I mumbled as loud as I could. I waited. Again no answer.


I tried the knob and to my surprise it was unlocked. I slowly opened it and peeked inside. There she stood in front of the sink in her baggy jeans and t-shirt. Her hands on either side of the sink leaning on it for support. One knee bent. I looked to the mirror to the blush of her face, usually pale as porcelain. Her eyes hidden as they stared down at nothing. I couldn’t be sure if she was crying now or not but by the color in her face if she was not now she had been.


My heart sank into my stomach, my stomach sank even lower. Had my words hurt her that badly? What could I do now to heal her broken heart? What could I say now to make it all better? I came up with nothing to say. I went behind her and wrapped my arms gently around her waist looking at her in the mirror, hoping she would reveal her eyes to me. She did not look up. I squeezed her a little to emphasize my loving gesture.


Feeling her round bottom on the front of my clothed body, becoming aware of its shape and the heat, I leaned into it. She did not move. I moved my gripped hands from her waist to the front of her jeans. Ah! Now she looked up with wet eye lashes and red rimmed eyes. I pressed my face to her neck, close to her ear and whispered, “I’m so, so sorry, Baby.” I closed my eyes as my fingers undid the button of her jeans and unzipped them. I let my breath come soft and deep feeling the coolness of her neck, the sweet, subtle fragrance of her short hair. I pushed her jeans and panties to the floor. I was ready for her to begin crying again and yell at me but she did nothing. She was as still as a porcelain statue with rose painted cheeks. I opened my eyes and peeked around her neck into the mirror to see her expression. Her face was not blushed, it was deep red now, her eyes, though puffy were wide and on me. “Is this okay?” I whispered into her ear.


She said nothing for a moment. Then closed her eyes as if in answer. I did not understand what she was saying to me with her eyes. I pulled up her t-shirt. She was not wearing a bra, as usual. Her perfect, high set, round breasts exposed there in the mirror, her eyes still on mine. Her perfect pale blush nipples set on porcelain breast rose and tightened before my eyes. The she moved just her feet and kicked the jeans and panties away.


I gave her my most sincere, sweet grin with a tilt of my head. Her bottom lip still puckered out; there was nothing certain in her expression. I moved my hands down her shapely *** then set one hand on her hip and the other spread her thighs. I easily found her wet hole. She was wet! I used to fingers to work in and out of her. I could hear her breath now. I looked in the mirror to see her head limp to the side, her eyes closed, her lips slightly parted. I began working faster with my fingers into her. She was so warm, soft, and wet inside. Now and then a quiver inside tightened around my fingers. I moved fingers, dripping with her wetness to find her ****, swollen beyond reason and moved my fingers over it in a round motion. She moaned and I felt the weight of her against me. I took my hand that had rested on her hip to embrace her under arm, up to her breast. I held her tight as I worked her ****. Her moans and gasps come between sighing breathing. The moans came more frequently as I moved my wet fingers around her ****. I increased the pressure of my fingers and the round movement. I gripped her tighter with my embracing arm. Her legs began to tremble as she moaned louder. I held her as tight as I could, her head leaned against the side of my face now. I could feel her hot breath as moaned and breathed deeply. “I want you to come.” I whispered. Her eyes tightened shut, her mouth agape she cried out wordlessly, breathless, and her entire body trembled against me. A final wave of trembles went through her, her moan slowly becoming quiet. Her weight heavier against me. She closed her mouth and sighed. I took my hand from between her thighs, licked my fingers clean and wrapped both arms around her to better support her weight.


She turned around, and threw her arms around me, leaning heavy against me. I held her there for several minutes. As her breathing slowed. “So,” I whispered into her ear, “I am forgiven then?”

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Kristee07, I think it goes without saying that I am forgiven.<br />
The woman in front of the sink is not me by the sink. I had someone else in mind. ;) I will never tell who.

Thanks Carrie! It was fun to write! :)

i think thats a good idea, to look at things from the other persons view. We may learn something we overlooked.

You should try it! I will be looking for your new story, "Coming Soon!" ;)

=D Thanks Pumpkin. The truth is, my fantasy is that I am the one that is upset. But not at the person that seduces me. I am sad about something in general and the person knows what I need to feel better and just takes me! I thought it would be fun to write it from the other person's perspective.

=) Well, when you just don't know what to say, give someone pleasure. ;)

What a sexy story. Forgiveness can be a wonderful thing sometimes

Better do it again just to be sure.............smiles

LOL Thanks stevester and SavingMyself! I hope I was forgiven! ;) I'd better be!

Oh I think you were