Forced Slave

I am driving on a remote highway and come upon a stranded vehicle and stop to help. Being mechanically inclined and considering the area I stop to offer assistance. I find a large man and his wife with a minor problem that I can easily fix so I do and they are not only moble again but needless to say, greatfull. We visit for a few minutes where they offer me a cold beer for my trouble and having just finished my shift and heading home I gladly except. I notice he is about 6'5" and about 240lbs, proportionate and an attractive man. She is 5'5" and about 130 lbs, big **** and cute as hell in the face. She takes a minute to get me my beer while he and I exchange light conversation and finally hands me an open bottle. We stand and talk as we have one and I notice I'm getting way too buzzed for only have one. The next thing I know, I'm being carried into a house from an inclosed garage and placed in a bed. I'm still far too out of it to more than wonder what may be going on and I pass back out. No telling how long after I find myself being awaken by the couple and am totally naked. He is dressed for work and she in a robe, they explain that I have been selected to serve them and I am now a slave to anything they desire. Also that we are locked in the house and escape is truely impossible. Also that if I bring any harm to her I will suffer a slow painfull death, I nod. He is going off to work and I will be undergoing "improvements" by her and we will begin tonight. She leads me to the shower where we both enter and though concerned ( and a bit disoriented)  I am somewhat arroused at the thought of showering with her. Her body is curvey, sexy, truely womanly, soft but beautiful. As I get hard she sternly explains there will be nothing until her husband returns. She removes all of my body hair over about an hour and washes me with some girly smelling body wash from head to toe. We then go to another room where she fixes my hair to look more feminine though short, and applies makeup tastefully, not slutty. She then gives me a manicure and pedicure include nailpolish. Throughout the course of a day I come to look like a woman (sort of) and the day gets away. She has my **** pulled back and taped very firmly between my legs, I am wearing panties, and a mini dress. When he returns home he is immediately arroused and can't wait to get us in bed. He tells me to ***** him naked and get him hard. Though I am terrified I do as I am told and remove his clothes. I notice his **** is considerably smaller than mine (about 5 inches) though his body is like a uch larger scale version of mine. He is not flabby but not a body builder either. The first night she takes the reverse cowgirl role but sitting on my face. She is holding my feet straight up while he ***** me in the ***. I am terrified about the thought of gatting ****** but his **** actualy feels good, a five inch **** is appearently made for ***. I eat her to climax as he ***** me like a ***** until finally I feel his **** begin to pulsate as he pumps *** inside me. When finished they oder me to shower (inside and out), they feed me dinner and lock me in my room. More to come later. 

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When I wake the next morning my *** is sore from the ******* I had taken the night before but not enough to make me dred the next experience which I new was sure to come. I was arroused by replaying the happening over in my head and couldn't resist the urge to ********** at the thought of it. I was still somewhat frightened as to what may come of me but I was at the same time thinking I had stepped into the ideal situation. I was just getting started when the door opened and she was there. She locked the door behind her and scolded me for what she had caught me doing. She was clearly arroused by it though and came over. She cuffed me to the bed, removed her clothes and climbed on. She rode top until I had *** and gone limp wherein she had reached climax multiple times. She assured me that if he ever caught us fooling around he would most assuredly castrate me. Once again I was scared yet strangly arroused. At that, she began the days work of femminising me. She started by giving me a pill which I was told was none of my buisiness when I asked what it was. She washed my crotch and tucked and taped me again then began rubbing my body with skin softening foo foo smeeling girly lotion. She applied make-up to my face and some to my chest to give the illusion of clevage, put a bra on me, and a sexy pair of panties which felt so good it was hard not to be arroused (she had me taped down pretty well). She then started a tape of a woman telling me how feminine I am and left me handcuffed to lie and listen as I gazed at myself in the mirror above the bed. I don't know how long the woman talked but I woke up in the afternoon when he got home and the games were to resume. I heard them talking and then someone coming down the hall, finally my door opened. It was her telling me it's time to get ready and asked if I felt "womanly" then she laughed condecedingly. She removed my cuffs and gave me a silky nighty that barely covered my ***. She did a little work to my hair to make be look like a short haired girl and took me to their room. He was lying on his back naked and hard as we entered. He ordered me to prance around and shake my *** at him, then bend over and touch the floor. They both laughed as I did so and we began. He ordered me to suck him so I did. I took his **** in my mouth and sucked him to completion where he came in my mouth (nearly gagging me) and then told me to role over and put my sexy *** in the air. I began munching away at his wife's ***** as he entered my ***. Though a bit sore from the night before it seemed he made an easier entry this time. He started slowly and increased as he went until once again he was pounding my *** hared than I had ever done a woman. I thought he'd never *** but he finally did. Once again, shower, dinner, locked in my room.