Recently I have found out that I have got a STD, which I have apparently had for a while now. I didn't realize that the pains I was having and had for a while could even be something like that, I did not receive it from sleeping around, social anxiety and a fear of being hurt has a lot to play with that. I have previously had a really bad experience with a man, causing me to be physically, mentally and emotionally hurt and the specialists believe that this is where is stems from. I am 18 and dealing with this as well as depression, let's hope things get better soon as it really doesn't help your mentality, I feel disgusting, I know I'm not and no one with one of these are, but I imagine it's normal to feel like this. I do however feel alone in this. No one should feel alone, surely.
littlewozit18 littlewozit18
22-25, F
Aug 23, 2014