I have come to realize that my calling is towards shamanism. I feel that I need to get to the Amazon a.s.a.p. I would love to apprentice. Shamans, in western culture, could be diagnosed with schizophrenia?
Shamala Shamala
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All shamans are schizophrenics. It is the initiated shaman that is able to balance that energy, and become a guardian of truth and wisdom.

One of my spiritual advisors was healed by water from a certain spring in Brazil.<br />
Before he came back he emptied his suitcase and left all his things in Brazil and filled bottles with this spring water.<br />
He lugged that suitcase back here and gave some to the people he cared about.<br />
Mine is in a place of honor in a beautiful bottle.<br />
When needed,I pour some in a tiny colorful bottle and give it away....

What is shamanism?

If you are picking up some books on shamanism, I would like to recommend 2 that I found helpful!<br />
<br />
First: "Journeying: Where Shamanism and Psychology meet" - Jeannette Gagan, Phd.<br />
<br />
Second: "Ecoshamanism" - James Endreddy<br />
<br />
Keep in mind, your request for apprenticeship is not unreasonable. No one can learn Shamanism from a book, but books can help with your understanding of the world around us.<br />
<br />
You will need to define the style of shaman you want to apprentice under. There are tribal shamans, Core shamans, and many other various branches. It all comes down to what you believe.