My Name Is Chelsea And I Think I Might Be Shaman Or Awaken One.

I have always be spiritually type of person and i had christian views much at young age and read the bible. believe in god and angels. but later down the road i started to like native American belief system and what they believe in.when i was 10 and younger i like animation and watch a lot of Walt Disney movies.the movie spirited away from hayao miyazaki inspired me that maybe there are other places and other people other than us. i always pray and wish to god for friends or have some one to talk to. when i was 10 years old i believe i was contacted by spirits or people from another realm and they were talking about me it seem that way. i did speak to that group one of the nights at first i was scare of voices i hear and things i can see freak me out at that young age. i use to telepathy these voices and thought them has friends being never really had any when i was young. i was bully and pick on all through elementary years and some of middle school and some of high school. i do have medical problems. but i believe what i witnessed made me stronger person now. people chatted with really help me out a lot and made me think that being different is alright. I am 20 1/2 years old now. i think my illness was appendicitis it was right before senior exams i was in hospital for couple few weeks. i can still hear and see things what i mean i see things i can see things in varies materials like rain drops, construction paper, darkness, daylight when you close your eyes and see colors i saw animation of things, clouds, snow flakes like on window of a car and tiles and stuff on walls. i love nature and loved it more when i was child and love to think i was exploring things. i love animals and think geese and goats are my cousins being of my horoscope. i feel have strong connection with them and help them out. recently i help outdoor cat and i call her angel and i have called cats that name when i was younger. i feel that everything is equal. if i am a shaman what should i do to help train myself on my own being i don't a lot of money to do long distance type of stuff. if you want you can contact me via email which is if you could answer my question or i can look here if what is easier for any one of you. i need help to learn my true purpose in this world. thank you. if you need to know more contact my email and thanks.also i forgot to mention i have love for music. i love to sing. music is only thing that clams me down and helps me out. From Chelsea.
Kamali11792 Kamali11792
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012