Bad Shiba! :)

I wanted a Shiba since I was a kid and saw one on a dog show.  So when I finally met a reputable breeder, did TONS of research and had a nice fenced in yard, I got my little guy! His name is Geordi.  (Pronounced Jor-Dee.)  He is adorable, but has what I like to call mental health issues.  The poor guy has been on Xanax, and that hasn't helped.  He will be fine for months, and then the weirdest thing will make him snap and he'll bite.  It is terrible.  I can't have him around anyone, especially kids.  He gets a lot of training and exercise.  I have read and tried everything, I have seen vets, nothing changes.  It really stinks because I wanted a dog my entire life, and now I have one that is incredibly sweet for the most part, but freaks out on the weirdest triggers so I can't have my dog around anyone! He is good with my cats.  He is super smart.  Teach him something once for a treat and he'll remember forever.  But I am pretty bummed that I have to keep him in seclusion with me for the rest of his life.  And if/when I have kids someday...well I don't know what I'll do.  Anyone else have any agreession issues?  Well, that is my Shiba story.  I love my little guy...wish he was a nicer dude because he sure is cute.  :)

secretliving secretliving
26-30, F
Feb 23, 2009