Hello everyone! I have a beautiful Shih Tzu named Princess. Shortly after I got her home and to the vet, I found out she has a bad heart murmer. I have heard conflicting stories about this. One vet says to operate, another says that since she was born with it, she knows her limitations and will live a full and healthy life. She is the best dog ever! We all love her so much, she is definitly part of the family! I have entered her into the "Cutest Dog Competition" and would greatly appreciate it is you would vote for her. It only lasts for this week. You can vote at:

Please vote once per day all this week and lets make sure she wins! Princess and I can't do it alone, we need all of you!

Thank you so much!

Nicole and Princess

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I have a shih tzu mix named princess. She's so cute and chubby. I love her