Shirt and Tie Required, and get a haircut!

I have had "a thing" for wearing shirt, tie and suit since puberty. As a child I hated getting dressed up. I even hated wearing button up shirts, and mostly wore t-shirts or polo shirts. I would put up a fuss anytime my parents would take me somewhere where I had to wear a tie, let alone a suit. I hated it. However, by the time I hit puberty, I found myself strangely excited by wearing a shirt and tie. When my parents had to go out of town for the day, I would use the opportunity to go into my dad's closet, pick out a shirt & tie and wear them around the house. One time they had to go out of town over night, so I used the opportunity to wear a shirt and time all day, night, and the next day straight. I even slept in my shirt and tie. It was awesome. Though, it was also scary. I feared being caught. Even at this point there was a wierd dichotomy going on here: my dislike for "being dressed up" was in conflict with my excitement for "being dressed up". That night, while wearing my shirt and tie to bed, it was a very restless sleep. I had nightmares that my parents came home early and discovered me wearing a shirt and tie. I can't explain why I feared this - it was more than just being caught doing something "strange" - maybe it was fear over having to explain it and mentioning the "strange" thrill it gave me. Not sure.

Anyway, this interest in wearing shirt and tie continued thru high school. I only had one suit at the time, so rarely had an opportunity to wear it. There were not many opportunities to wear a tie for an occassion, but when the situation arose, I was excited & enoyed it. When I went off to college, I felt much freer to wear my suit, shirt and ties more often. It was actually somewhat of a tradition for some guys to wear suits to midterm and final exams. This was not a fancy school, just a regular working class college, but a number of guys would do this. I was so thrilled to participate. It was great, and made me feel awesome taking those tests. I also was not particularly religious, but many of the same guys who would dress up for exams, would also dressup for mass - not always, but occassionally. Anyone who's been to a catholic mass knows that there is no business attire dress code - people pretty much show up in normal street clothes. So, wearing a suit to mass, let alone a shirt and tie, was a new experience for me, and I love it. I got into the habit of wearing a suit every time I went to mass. Then afterwards, I would usually take a bus and go the mall. It was a thrill wearing my suit out in public for as long as I could.

After college my dream came true - I got a job in IT & the dresscode required guys to wear suits. OMG - everyday was heaven. I expanded my wardrobe, lots of new shirts and ties, and 7 suits. It was a challenge at times, cause I would often have a hardon at work, which sometimes I would "have to take care of" just to get some relief. The VP over IT was a stickler for appearance. Although trends in many businesses were moving to adopt Casual Fridays, our VP would have none of it. He would even callout guys who wore their ties loosened. He later moved on, and IT adopted Casual Fridays (no jeans), and then relaxes the dresscode to be "Business Casual" Mon-Thur and allowed jeans on friday. One part of me liked the change cause, well, I am a t-shirt kind of guy, but also kind of disappointed cause now there would be less need to wear suit shirt and tie - I would lose that thrill. Interesting enough though, many guys continued to wear suits. Some chose to drop the full suit and just wear shirt and tie, but this declined with time. The benefit was having the flexibility - I could wear a suit shirt and tie if I felt like it, and I did on a number of occasssions.

My job is stil in IT, at a different company, and we have a very relaxed dress code. No one in IT wears business attire - it's jeans and t-shirts. So, to wear even a tie wold be odd. So, I don;t. :( The only times at work wear I have, is to like Chirstmas parties and other special gatherings at work. I miss wearing my shirt and tie everyday.

Even thought I am not require to wear suits every day, I still love wearing one when I can. I probably buy a new suit once a year. I still buy ties that interest me and add to my collection. I probably have 20 some white dress shirts, and a number of blue and other color dress shirts that do not get much use lately. I have tons of ties, and like old friends, I miss them.

Now, there is one other fetish I have that I think is related to this Shirt Tie and Suit Fetish of mine - I also have a haircut fetish. A neat side parted business haircut, coupled with a shirt, suit and tie makes me hard. Add some brylcreem to that hair, and I melt. Going to the barbershop in suit to get a haircut is a big thrill. A recurring fantasy would be to do a makeover transformation of a long haired hippy type. Cut that long hair so its tapered off the ears and collar, parted on the side, and neatly slicked down with brylcreem or pomade. Then throw out those torn jeans and t-shirt and put him in a white dress shirt, tie and suit. And if he's particularlly rebellious, give him a crewcut and force him to be properly dressed everyday. Haircut and dresscode inspections everyday. Any back talk, its off for a required trip to the barbershop for a hairtcut attitude adjustment. The idea of enforcing a dresscode this way is a big thrill idea.

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I loved reading this . I could have written it myself. It is amazing to find someone with similar thoughts.

It is really strange but I remember getting my first hardon when I was about 6 or 7. At this time I was being forced to dress up smart and wear a suit. I didn't like it at all but can't forget the ***** I got, but I did not understand why...

Snap! I relate so closely to what you've described. I had the same self consciousness about wearing shirt and tie when I was young and had dress up fantasies at home. Love stiff collars with tie - huge turn on. Also shirt buttons that are transparent with two holes - don't know anyone else who shares that.