My Mom Is My Atm

I go shopping every weekend and I spend about $400 a month and I just can't help myself. Shopping is like a high for me, when I go shopping it makes me feel good on the inside. Whenever I don't go shopping I start to feel anxious and I know I have a problem. Oh and by the way, It's my mom's money that I'm spending.. and I feel somewhat bad.
Chuckslvr1908 Chuckslvr1908
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 16, 2009

I've been there. It happens a lot. In July 2012, I attended a japaneseanimation convention called "Otakon". It's held in Maryland every year. Well, I'd been planning the trip for six months. I had it all planned out except for one problem. I couldn't stop spending, even to save up for vacation. I just couldn't stop. Well, low and behold, my vacation came up.... and I had no money to go. I had to ask for a loan from my mom at the last minute. A six hundred dollar loan. I was asking from BALTIMORE. I had felt too ashamed to ask when I was at home. I am very lucky she didn't leave me stranded in Maryland. She could have. This is usually the only vacation I get per year, and I felt like I deserved it . I work hard around the house. But then, there's the whole entitlement thing. So don't feel bad, you're not the only one who sees their parents as an ATM.