Im Trapped

I cant go out of my house anymore. I have no self control. The creditcard in my wallet screams out to me!! then i start to think about all the things i need to buy...and its just one useless thing after another.! I cant leave nmy house because i dont trust myself!!!!!!! ineed i need i neeed i constantly neeeeeeeed!

Vervepipe726 Vervepipe726
22-25, F
3 Responses Jan 7, 2010

i recommend buying necessities online in small groups (that way you still have more stuff to buy and dont feel like you need to buy something unnecessary). I suffer internet addiction and LOVE browsing online sales. Luckily, using sites like for things I need really gives me a pleasure. Good luck ^__^

Your problems are deeper and you need to find other things to fulfil you. Join a class and get some other hobbies. I'm going to try that- I hope it works for you too. good luck

Me to....I almost go into depression I need help...