Family Problem....

It seems having a short temper runs in my family. A lot of people I'm related to have not just a short temper but an explosive one. The kind where you throw things, yell, even do things you didn't know you could do. I'm slowly learning to control mine. Something happened one day that made me realize I had to fix this. I used to get so mad that I'd literally throw my siblings across the room. But one time..I blew up at my little sister and I actually picked up my little brothers bed and threw it into the wall. I looked back at her after that and she was pale and scared...and she told me that I scared her. That was the line for me...that's when I realized something had to be done. Now my only solution is to walk away and keep my hands in my pockets.
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1 Response Apr 8, 2007

That's how I am, when I reliazed that my kids were scared of me now I just walk away and cool off then come back and fix the problems.