Is This Ok?

i was walking from p.e. to my next class at school and while i was waiting this kid said to me "serna from the ghetto?" he said that cause in p.e. i put that on my paper once and now i feel like im re-entitled but anyway he said "serna from the ghetto?" and the other kid next to me said "ya cause hes gay, your gay at life, youre a fail at life" this kid doesnt even know me so i took my hands out of my pocket and when i heard him say gay again i turned to him and chocked him. is that ok?
NightRunner12 NightRunner12
18-21, M
3 Responses Nov 29, 2012

He insulted you. He deserved it.

>XD I would have done the same thing!

Um no but sometimes I wish I could do that to most people