Shy Bladder? 7% Of The Human Population Has This Problem!

Another word for Shy Bladder is Paruresis. There is a world wide support group, the International Paruresis Association.

Scientists who study this behavior estimate about 7% of the general population experience Shy Bladder.

My story is: here in the Philippines, the government requires an observed urine sample for drug testing for everyone who applies for a driver's license, and for license renewals. You can imagine how a person with Shy Bladder would react to an observed urine sample. Then there is the added pressure if you can not pee, then you lose your license. If you are a taxi driver you lose your job and your income.

Of course I do not use drugs. Never have, never want to, and never will. But I am denied a driver's license.

The government could test for the same drugs using a hair sample, or a saliva (oral fluid) sample, but they do not accept these.

In 1992 the Philippine government passed into law, the Republic Act 7277 which is called the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons. Under this law, people who are disabled, for example, unable to urinate for a mandatory observed urine based drug test may request "Reasonable Accomodation" which includes "appropriate adjustments, or modifications of examinations for any disability they may have."

I found an attorney that was willing to author a letter to the Dangerous Drugs Board (that writes the drug test proceedures here) to request reasonable accomodation in the form of a non-urine based drug test. For example hair, or saliva (oral fluid).  The attorney asked me to get a urologist to sign a letter diagnosing me with Shy Bladder. I ask the urologist and he refused to sign the letter. I got the impression he did not believe me, even after I showed him peer reviewed articles published in medical journals documenting Shy Bladder, and that 7% of the human population have this problem. I sensed suspicion and disbelief in his response.

Well, that's my story. Thanks for letting me share with you. I will go see a different urologist on Friday. Wish me good fortune.


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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I have a shy bladder that simply won't let me pee if other people are around. It's not as great a problem when I am at home or in a business with a large bathroom that has stalls.......but when traveling, especially by air of in places like Europe where males just take their penises out and pee in public or stand in line to pee........I am toast. I can't imagine how I became so pee shy although I am a very shy and submissive person in general. I did wet the bed when I was younger.
It's embarrassing beyond words to be so pee shy. I would just love to accidentally pee my pants some time. That would prove that I can let go.

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