My Sister Is Now My Brother.

My town is pretty small, so anyone knows everyone. In the high school, someone could be lesbian, gay, or bisexual, and everybody (except for a select few) would be supportive about it. I've been okay with LGBT for years, supporting anyone that wanted to come out. More power to them!

About a year ago, my older sister suddenly came home with a guy's haircut. I'd recently had mine really short, so i thought nothing of it. But then she refused to buy any girl clothes or items. My family was confused by all of this, but didn't really dwell on it. Then suddenly, without warning about 5 or 6 months later, her Facebook changed to being in a relationship with her best friend- another girl. I seemed to be the only one curious about it, but she didn't seem to want to talk about it- although she clearly wanted to tell someone something.

After a few weeks or so, she had me read the book Parrotfish. When i did so, I found that she was trying to drop hints about her secret to me, and I eventually caught on. My sister was transgender.

I'd been okay with others outside of the family being LGBT, but when my own sibling announced that they were a male, I really didn't know how to react to it. It was different, and parts of my family are very anti-gay. So instead of thinking about my own feelings and reactions, I was instead worrying about what those family members would think.

My sister (or, now my brother) was equally worried about that. He told my mom about it, and she was okay with it- but didn't really understand what transgendered was. Since then, we've been explaining it to her. Our real problem was my dad. He was one of the family members that wasn't too supportive of gays. We had no idea how to tell him, and in fact, we still don't. My brother's going to college in less than a month, and we have to tell my dad soon. I suppose we need help with that.

Me, I'm completely supportive of it now. People have noticed my sudden defense of LGBT, and some have caught on to my sibling because of that. Heck, my brother is so convincing, quite a few girls have randomly checked him out. I think it's great to have a brother now...I just hope my dad will be okay with having a son.
Machtiron Machtiron
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I too have an ftm sibling, and I'm so worried about what extended family members and my friends will think of my sister. I'm having the hardest time accepting.

You are inspirational. I truly wish that more siblings were as supportive as you appear to be.