Brother Becoming Sister

I think it has been 2 years now since I've known my brothers problem, I have always wondered why he is so unsociable and locked up, it came to such a shock to me when he told me he wanted to become a woman, at first I thought he was gay after seeing woman deodorant etc in his room and the idea of that did not freak me out but some how him being a woman has really changed who I am? I really want to give 100% support to my brother but this has left me with so much stress and anxiety along with other things on my mind and it's all so much, I am only 16 and I already feel like life is dragging on, I feel I can't talk to her now she's changed, all I want is to give the person I used to know a hug one last time before all these changes happen. I don't even think we're that close anymore, what's happened to the big brother I had :(
Lora45 Lora45
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012