Brother With Aspergers Syndrome

Growing up with my brother we were really close.
We started drifting apart when I was around the age of 12 (he would have been 16ish- now 21)..then one day we stopped talking all together. being so close to him I never saw anything wrong with him..up until a year ago when he was diagnosed with having Aspergers syndrome. Just before he was diagnosed I had a massive arguement with my mum. Him being really dependant and close to my mum he came into the arguement. I noticed something was really peculiar about him. He was shouting at ME yet he couldn't look at my face at all. I'd noticed this a few times before when I was forced to ask him questions for my busy mum. He'd never be able to look me in the eyes.
I used to get really upset and confused to why he never wanted to talk to me anymore. We'd be on the same bus as eachother but it'd be like we never even knew eachother.
Since he was diagnosed he seems like a completly different person. He's obsessed with certain things and it's starting to feel a bit unsettling.
Before, I always hoped at least that one day we would be talking. I was just always told that it was a normal brother and sister thing.
No-one seems to be interested in his condition apart from my mum and me.
I want to know, is it normal for my brother not to be talking to me?
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be straight with him and ask him why he is not talking to you.