I Have 2 Siblings With Aspergers Syndrome.

I have always been the "middle child". You would think that I got it good,but really I don't. I have an older brother (2 years older) and a little sister (3 years younger) that have aspergers syndrome. I remember when I was little that my brother would say unnecessary things to me.He would have horrible tantrums and would hit me(at the age of 3 or 4).That was when my parents found out he had Autism. I didn't know what it was, but I knew he was different...So, then my sister came along and I was thrilled,since I got to be a big sister. When she turned 3, she started to annoy me immensely. She would get most of the attention from my parents. Since she was the "baby" in the family. They would obviously baby her.She would get away with almost everything. She would take my toys and hide them or break them. She would cry and whine about not getting her way. My feelings would get bottled up and stored away until I would have an explosion. My little sister and I would fight a lot. I was pushing her away. I would tell her to leave me alone or get out of my room. Since, I was so hurt from all of the fights and arguments. Let me say this now, I still am hurt from all of the fights and arguments. We have finally recently discovered that my little sister also has Aspergers. To this day, nothing has really changed. We are still trying to heal wounds and put pieces back together in the family. I need some insight of how to be with my siblings now. I still have feelings of wanting to have a "normal" family.
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People with abergers ARE normal .

I understand. I have a sister on the spectrum. It is difficult. What I have learned over time is the world is a really scary place to people on the spectrum. We can not even image what that is like. Learn everything you can about the spectrum. there is a story on my profile that is called " this is helpful" I found this explanation, in simple terms what ASD can often mean. If you keep that handy and think about what is happening you will see things differently. We have to adapt and be understanding to the limitations they have because they can't understand certain things, no matter how hard they try. they might understand that something is important to us, but they will never feel that importance in a personal way. it is not a choice, it is a disability. I hope this helps.

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